I coach people to find meaning and experience positive growth while living with the pain of trauma, grief, failure, and other forms of distress.

Trauma, grief, and serious adversity can leave you feeling powerless and pessimistic. But beneath the pain, research has shown they can also be the greatest catalyst for personal growth and meaning in life. 

When we experience high levels of distress, we may also find that, over time, we discover strengths we didn’t know we possessed, improve our relationships, feel a deeper appreciation of life, and live with greater meaning and purpose. 

Only you can decide what comes next in your life, but an expert guide can help you get there. Mark’s coaching strategies help people find strength, purpose, and a path forward after adversity by focusing on: 

  • Defining and attaching to your goals
  • Identifying and harnessing your strengths
  • Honoring what has been lost
  • Finding meaning and purpose
  • Restoring hope and optimism
  • Building connections
  • Cultivating resilience for the future